Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement plans (also known as Medigap plans) are private insurance policies.  Original Medicare pays for many health care services and supplies, but not all.  With Original Medicare there are deductibles for part A & B, as well as a 20% co-insurance.  Medicare supplement plans can help pay for some or all of the deductibles and co-insurance of Original Medicare.

Medicare supplement policies are standardized.  Every Medicare supplement policy mus follow federal and state laws that are designed to protect you and it must be clearly identified as "Medicare Supplement Insurance".  Insurance Carriers can only sell the "standardized" plans identified by the letters A-N.  These policies will offer the same basic benefits but can offer additional benefits.Medicare Supplemental Insurance Missouri

Missouri has some different rules than other states when it comes to guaranteed issue rights.  Each year there is an Open Enrollment period for those that currently have a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan in Missouri.  You have 30 days before and after your specific policy effective date to switch to a like plan with no underwriting.  For example, if you have Plan F, then you will have a guaranteed issue to a Plan F with any company that sells a plan F.  This new insurance cannot deny coverage nor impose any waiting period for pre-existing conditions.  All you need to do is show proof of your existing coverage.    Medicare Supplement is not the same as a Medicare Advantage plan and you cannot have both.  Also, there are not prescription drug coverage with the Medicare supplement plans.