Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older.  There is also coverage for certain younger people withMissouri Medicare disabilities and End-Stage Renal Disease.  Medicare comes in two parts (Part A & Part B).  This is known as Original Medicare.

Part A - Hospital Insurance:  Covers hospital care, nursing hom, hospice, skilled nursing, and home health care.  This typically comes with no monthly premium if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes while employed and working.

Part B - Medical Insurance:  Covers clinical research, ambulance, durable medical equipment, metal health, second opinions before surgery, doctor's visits, and more.

Medicare Parts A & B each has a deductible ($1,216 for Part A and $147 for Part B) and then a co-payment of 20%.  There are a number of preventive & screening services covered excluding any deductibles or co-insurance.

Since there are deductibles and a 20% co-insurance for services, and prescriptions are not covered, it may be of great benefit to you to consider a Medicare Supplement plan, a stand-alone prescription drug plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan.

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